Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1500 Fan Celebration Winners!

How to claim your prize!
 ***Be sure that are a fan of the page in order to win the prize. As stated in the rules you must be a fan to be eligible to win***Vendors if the person who won your prize is not a fan let me know and another winner will be selected***

If you have left your e-mail address the vendor will contact you. If you do not receive any e-mail from them within 48 hours please let me know. 

If you have not left your e-mail address it is your responsibility to contact the vendor (see their individual facebook pages for contact info). You have 48 hours to claim your prize before another winner is selected. 

VENDORS: Once your prize has been claimed be let me know so I can mark it down.
Thank you to everyone for your participation and making this 1500 fan celebration such a huge success!

If anyone has issues reaching one of the vendors please let me know. ohsewcrafty@hotmail.com

Vendor: TC Creations
Item: The Perfect Bib
Winner: Lianne MacPherson-Gillis "I love the monkeys on the pink background!" liannegillis@lycos.com

Vendor: Pipestone Soaps 
Item: Soap Sample Pack
Winner: Nancy Braida would love to try your soap and I've been a fan for a while! CLAIMED

Item: xo necklace (Free shipping in Canada, $3 to USA)
Winner: Tara Elias personalized necklace.CLAIMED

Item: Ankle Bracelet
Winner: Holly Birt Spinner Love anklets! CLAIMED

Item: Tag Blanket ($2.50 Shipping)
Winner: Lydia Spencer Fredin i like to scrapbook :) CLAIMED

Vendor: 3FoldCordDesigns 
Item: Crochet Beanie (postage paid in Canada)
Winner: Angie Francis no but i would love to learn CLAIMED

Item: Earrings
Winner: REDRAW Ivonna Freeman diamonds. flitr@hotmail.com

Vendor: EcoFabMama
Item: 1 Hand Dyed Organic Bamboo Velour Reusable Cloth Panty Liner by Moms Crafts 4 U
Winner: Jen Simpson just getting into them, yes (Lritco@yahoo.com) CLAIMED
Item: Soap sampler pack
Winner: April Harrison almost all WAHM I hate shopping Walmart and Zellers. We even try to buy the bulk of our food local when in season CLAIMED

Item: Bookmark
Winner: Jennifer Dansberger Jones none at this minute. but need to get another john jakes book. CLAIMED

Item: Bracelet
Winner: Caryn Salageanu I have one little diva! CLAIMED

Item: Iron on Tie
Winner: Debbie Damanti Painter I used to, but it's been a very long time!!! debpaint16@aol.com CLAIMED

Vendor: LoopsInLoops
Item: Bath Mitt
Winner: Nancy Moreno bubbles:) CLAIMED

Item: Shabby Chic Rose Headband
Winner: Sally Zinger tulips! CLAIMED

Item: Custom Hippo Hat (free shipping in US, $3 international)
Winner: Brandy Harris im not canadian, but I know the word, my step-father used to call my hats that lol. I bought my son a "Deer" crochet hat for winter this year, and I have to admit its my favorite, I am looking for something just as cute and creative for my daughter, and I LOVE this hat! learnn2coupon@yahoo.com CLAIMED

Item: Popcorn
Winner: REDRAW Kathy Langille My favorite sweet treat is The "big feet" or Swedish berries! k_a_h@sympatico.ca

Item: Butterfly Set
Winner: Nancy Yeomanson Tchilinguirian Love butterflies! My daughter loves them more! rtchilc390 at rogers dot com
Item: Lunchbox Napkins
Winner: Hannah Kat oatmeal creme pies Mastersbabygirl23@yahoo.com
****e-mail clunsford@gmail.com with the subject of "Oh Sew Crafty Winner" to claim your prize***

Item: Yoyo hairbow
Winner: Jenn Tober Jewelry and fancy shoes! lol  CLAIMED

Item: Pacifier Clip
Winner: Sally Zinger next week!! yay august!!! CLAIMED

Vendor: Tiny Dragonfly 
Item: Fushia Shabby Chic Rose backed with Feathers, on a chocolate double ruffle headband 
Winner: Tessa Lanham- Hysell sew CLAIMED

Item: Custom Print
Winner: Jennifer Huff Huey wow much too long CLAIMED

Item: Birthday Invitations and Cupcake Toppers
Winner: Danielle Lamoureux Had a lot of princess themed parties here. Hehe They are fun. :) CLAIMED
Item: Fancy Bandz
Winner: Elizabeth Libby Sanders Spring :) CLAIMED

Vendor: Dearest Debi
Item: Loafers
Winner: Lydia Spencer Fredin adorable CLAIMED
Vendor: Family Funk
Item: Bacon and Eggs
Winner: Debbie Barry waffles CLAIMED

Vendor: Oh Sew Crafty
Winner: Sarah Wilson my favorite item is your mushroom mug cozy CLAIMED

Item: Toddler Belt
Winner: Victoria Barbour Belts!! CLAIMED

Item: Pamper Samples
Winner: Merissa-Bros Prior lime! and not really just love lime! loopsinloops@shaw.ca CLAIMED

Item: Tree of Life Pendant
Winner: REDRAW Leigh Redstone I love a maple. So Canadian! leighredstone@hotmail.com
Item: Peony Headband
Winner: Shaleah Graham That's the hubby's job. CLAIMED

Vendor: Sassy Snaps
Item: $15 Credit
Winner: Chelsey Bertrand hats CLAIMED

Vendor: BabyStylez
Item: $10 credit and SURPRISE
Winner: A-j Dixon Sometimes.  lilangel@accesswave.ca
Item: Mittens
Winner: Ashley Routledge Nelson mittens all the way! CLAIMED

Item: Bows
Winner: Callista Meyer ‎2 pretty kitties! CLAIMED

Item: Denim Rosette
Winner: Nicole Williams Dark! CLAIMED

Item: Orange and White headband
Winner: Sandra Dinato Yes 1 Boy 2 girls CLAIMED

Item: Purple Flower Headband
Winner: Jennifer Laskey-froese usually it would be an elastic..i have four crazy boys but if it is a special night out something that would hold my hair up, a nice clip CLAIMED

Item: Gerbera Daisy Hairclip
Winner: Heather Hartlen sweaters CLAIMED